Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Time Shaving


I remember back to a much younger, naive me, going into high school with so much peach fuzz on my face because I had never shaved and no one really that I could turn to learn from.

Yea maybe it's really simple for some and they automatically knew what to do but I for one had no idea. I spent the first few weeks shaving cutting myself every time, not using shaving cream because I was young and didn't really know what kind to get. I didn't know what kind of razor to use. I really wasn't all that bright I guess.

Anyway is this for those kids that are going through what I went through an offers some guidance for your first time. (Your first time for that is coming too in a later post, don't worry- I got you)

Read on playa.


All right so first with the basics.

some_textYou have to decide how you want to shave - there are the regular disposable razors that you can buy in packs - this is what I started off using because it was the simplest and cheapest option.

some_textThen there's the nice disposable ones like some of the Mach Series and the Gillette Fusion where you have to replace the blades every so often. You don't throw the entire razor out, just the blade part, and replace it with new ones. These are what is usually advertised on television, are a bit more pricey, and are supposed to give you a better shave than the simple Bic or Gillette Disposables.

There are other options such as shaving with a straight razor but this is for more experienced users with a lot more free time. My focus is on first timers and those looking to speed up their shave, without sacrificing the slightest bit of quality.

My personal favorite and what I wish I had started with instead of the above options is the electric razor. Now even these come in two basic types which I'll go into in a bit, but all these choices make shaving a little bit unnerving for the first time shaver.

some_textSo two main types of razors - rotary and foil. Foil is probably the type you've seen before and are more familiar with but the Philips Norelco brand with their commercials and the three spinning heads cyclops-looking electrical razor that LOOKS like it's going to cut your face off is a Rotary Electrical Razor and in my experience the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK and gets me a better shave than I ever had with the manual disposable razors, and NEVER CUTS you. That was pretty much the number one reason I switched to Electrical. I was tired of shaving taking so long and tired of always applying too much pressure and cutting myself or too little pressure and missing lot of hair, this is all avoided with the Philips Norelco.

Many people will tell you that you get a closer shave with the manuals - tell them to get lost because they probably havent tried the Philips Norelco Series.

Some shavers believe that the foil shavers as seen here get a closer shave than the triple head rotary shavers but the foil shavers are inadequate at cutting long hairs - for example if you go a week or so without shaving. The rotary ones are also better at getting hairs in weird places and at weird angles on your face such as the chin area or neck area, then are rotary ones.

Just go on amazon and read any reviews - you'll kick yourself for not switching to electric sooner. It happened to me in my college days. I could have easily avoided many cuts on my face all throughout high school.

So pricing:
-electrical runs around 50 bucks
-cheap disposables are like the name suggests cheap around 5 bucks for like 10 razors
-the manual razors with disposable blades only are a bit more expensive. for example the main razor is around 10 and the blades are around 20 bucks for 8.

Each of these should last you a while though.

What you should take away from this post!!!
Okay so if you didn't feel like reading through all that and just want the skinny on what to start shaving with and why here it is:

Philips Norelco series - start with 50 dollar range, you don't need the 200 dollar products unless you can afford it. The 50 dollar razor gives me a pretty sleek shave.

Since there's lots of types get one that matches the following characteristics and you'll be thanking me every morning,

-cleanable with water
-cordless and corded functioning (so in case battery runs out you can put on the cord and still shave, that way you dont walk out of the house with only half a moustache because the shaver died on you)
-around 50 dollars

PROS of electrical versus manual
-close shave (comparable to manual, I say closer)
-no shaving cream or bullshit necessary, in fact its a dry shave so you're not even supposed to wash your face first.
-long lasting - they say replace the head of it every year but I've been using my electrical for a couple of years now and it's still going great. I figure i'll buy a new one when this one wears out instead of replacing the shaver head. At 50 dollars for even every two years - it's a pretty damn good deal.
-literally YOU CANNOT CUT YOURSELF with this kind of electrical. This may not be true for certain foil razors and others but this is true for these.

I'm not trying to sell these or push anything on you. As this is a blog about how to grow up in our society without making the same mistakes I made, this is just for your information and I hope you get something out of it.
If you have any questions or want more information just let me know and I'll get back to you!

And on that note I'm out thissssssss

Enjoy shaving punks

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