Who doesn't want to grow as a person? Is progress a central theme in your life? What about self-improvement? Do you have any goals you would like to work towards?

Whether you're interested in gaining more focus, passion, drive, etc, or whether its about being better at things to impress others, attracting others, or just for the sake of improvement itself, PD4SP aims to guide you.

This is meant to be a blog that gives you easy to read articles with simple suggestions that we picked up along the way.

We weren't the sharpest kids on the block, nor were we the most successful. But through our trials and tribulations of everyday living - we've picked up many little tips and tricks from learning How to Shave to How to Not be a Prick at the Gym, and we're sharing them with you.

You'll see our sense of humor interspersed throughout the articles, highlighting different aspects of self-improvement.

Personal development isn’t always easy.  It usually takes determination and commitment but it can be done by anyone and everyone. Hardest thing is to know exactly what to do and how to do it - which is where we come in. This site was made for the everyday Joe (or Jane?) who 's tired of the way things are and just wants a bit of a change.

Bottom Line: We want to share want we've learned and maybe it will allow you to learn lessons from our experiences and avoid making some of our (many) mistakes.