Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Things to do so You're not a Jackass at the Gym

There are some unwritten rules and some written rules that people just don't follow when they are at the gym.  Whether you are a newbie to the gym or a seasoned gym rat these are a few tips on gym etiquette and following them can keep others from thinking you're a douche.

1.  Return the weights
People didn't sign up for the gym to have a scavenger hunt every time they want to use a certain weight.  So whenever you use a dumbbell or plate and you are done with it, do the considerate thing and put it back where it belongs.  I was at the gym today and some guy was doing a super set of dumbbell curls with 5 different set of weights and then he just left them all on the ground....my thoughts of him...."what an asshole"
2. Don't slam the weights
If you're on a machine don't let the weights slam every single rep; 1. its bad form and you will probably hurt yourself. 2. it's annoying as hell to everyone around you!
If you're using free weights don't drop them just because you like the huge BOOM sound it makes.  You will just draw a lot of hateful stares.
3.  Wipe down after your done
Some people go to the gym to swim but that doesn't mean they want to swim in a pool of your left over sweat.  If you look at the machine/bench you're using and there's any sign of sweat, wipe it off!
4.  Don't make barbarian war-cries
Yes, we know you are lifting very heavy weights, it's great you want to make sure that everyone at the gym knows it.  Don't be that guy....it's natural to grunt a bit when you're doing a tough exercise but there's a difference between that and yelling.
5.  Try not to stink
Remember how bad those lockers rooms smelled back in HS?  No reason to bring that to the present.  Get a good deodorant and use it.
6.  Sharing is caring
Do not hog the machines or bench.  Do your sets and move on.  If you know you are going to be on it for a while and see others waiting offer to let them work in with you.  Also, keep your breaks in between sets to a reasonable amount of time, it should be anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.  Any longer you're probably taking too long of a break.  
7.  Don't offer advice
Unless you see someone doing something that will probably lead to them getting hurt don't give them advice because they probably do not want it or care.
8.  Workout don't just chill
You can talk to your friends elsewhere don't sit around on the machines or benches having long conversations.  If you get a cellphone call and you have to respond get up and talk on the side.  Nothing is more annoying than waiting for someone who isn't even using the machine.  The gym is a place to workout.
9.  Don't Stare
It's always weird when a complete stranger just glares at you.  Let them do their workout in peace.
10. Pick up after yourself.
Don't be a litter bug and leave your garbage around.

How do you stack up to following those rules?  Are you guilty of breaking some of them?  The gym is a great place to improve your health and release stress try to make it a place where everyone can enjoy themselves and have a good workout.


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  2. Are you kidding? I agree with you completely! I have experienced so many of these things at the gym.

    And thanks for submitting this to the Carnival of Athletic Training. I will be posting it on http://www.discoversoccer.info in a couple weeks.