Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Key to Happiness - Finally Figured Out Life

I'm still trying to figure out life
I'll let you know when I solve it

The inherent flaw in my philosophy is that I assume life is a problem that requires solving.
I may need to stop presuming life is a problem in the first place...that's likely to be the key here. Stop seeing every little thing as a problem.

Just by having food to eat tonight you're better off than billions of people in the world.

There are so many depressed people out there, people that are looking for something, people I see that will never be happy - no matter how luxurious their life, or how easy.

I think being of a certain intelligence and mindfullness we sometimes overthink and come to a crossroads because of our thinking.

So much time is spent trying to figure out how to have fun, how to enjoy life, etc etc, when these things are supposed to be natural. We get so caught up in our boring, repetitious, day to day lives that we lose track of how to have fun - even if we knew at one point.

We begin to equate having fun to drinking a lot and ending up passed out, or doing drugs in some cases, or other activities that are societally acceptable but possibly hazardous to our health and not REALLY what we mean when we say we want to have fun.

How many of you have hobbies? Interests? I'm talking outside of what you study in school and outside of what you do at work. Sometimes these line up and your hobby is your job - in that case consider yourself incredibly lucky, because for most people this is not the case.

For most of us, your job is something you do so you dont starve. School is what you do to get that job. Your life is put on hold.

Don't put your life on hold. Go out and enjoy it. Don't think too much. What do you really enjoy? Find people that enjoy that same thing.

Texas Hold 'em? Play with friends, make it a weekly activity.
Like to work out? Get a gym partner.

I guarantee you, engaging yourself in activities you enjoy (with people you like) will make life much better.

Stop overthinking everything please.


  1. Awesome article.
    Recently, I finally figured out to stop questioning every single thing that happens in my life and to just enjoy it. If something isn't meant to be, then I will never be happy trying to make it be. I learned that the quality of friendships are of much greater importance than the quantity.
    Life is going really well for me right now. :D

  2. Understand that consciousness creates this reality. A greater part of you has set you and your life's circumstances into this reality, this physical existence. In other words there is nothing that is actually tangible in this physical realm. We are but a construct of the 'mind' of our greater self. All of us. We all agreed and are agreeing to play this role that we are experiencing here in this physical world. So if this is true than you can no longer blame yourself for what you perceive as "short comings". You are discovering life from your vantage point. This is meant. This is intentional. And above all this is not bullshit. This is hard science. So always remember that you, the 'Big' you is behind the circumstances of your life. It is an intentionality (probably not a word. Please read this; Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences, Eternal Consciousness, Religion, and the Human Soul
    by William Joseph Bray (Author)

    If you truly want to know the science behind reality this will point you in the right direction